Physical Therapy for Managing TM Joint Dysfunction

Temperomandibular joint dysfunction can be difficult to manage independently, as there are many factors that contribute to the pain syndrome. Physical therapy can assist you with many of these challenges.

How can physical therapy help?

- Realigning joint surfaces into a more parallel relationship through positioning and mobilization, creating a state of physiological rest.
- Significantly reducing intra-joint compression through modalities, aiding in joint repair and reducing inflammation.
- Educating patients about para-functional habits to prevent ongoing trauma.
- Effectively changing posture through specialized exercises and education to normalize joint position and improve joint function.
- Evaluating and treating cervical dysfunctions - which often co-exist with these disorders - and aiding in long-term joint health.

What diagnoses can be helped with physical therapy intervention?

- Joint trauma - Muscle spasm/spasticity
- Joint malalignment - Tendonitis
- Intracapsular dysfunction - Myositis
- Degeneration of articular cartilage - Headaches
- Trigeminal Neuralgia - Adhesive capsulitis

Who will treat your patient?

We offer a team of therapists with specialized training who treat not only the primary condition but also any underlying conditions. This leads to very satisfied and happy patients. Contact us today to learn more.