About Female Athletics

One of High Pointe's target demographics is female athletes who are particularly vulnerable to injury during their menstrual cycle.

Our therapists understand the importance of differentiating between men's and women's care instead of giving both genders the same exercises and stretches. The female athlete is a totally different creature and it is very common for female athletes' injuries to occur the week before or during their periods. During those times, hormonal changes and an increase in both connective tissue laxity and swelling can dramatically increase a woman's potential for injury, as well as hinder her ability to heal. It's these crucial differences that High Pointe takes into account when treating women with sports injuries.

Specialties we Offer

  1. - Enchanced Sports Performance Training for Speed, Agility and Quickness
  2. - ACL & Shoulder Injury Prevention
  3. - Exercising in the Gym WIthout Inury
  4. - Sport Specific Back and Pelvic Pain
  5. - Overuse Injuries