Women's Health

About Women's Health

Today, High Pointe, located at The Women's Hospital, offers a host of rehabilitation services for clients of all demographics, but the company maintains its tradition of innovation and excellence in addressing musculoskeletal problems in female patients.

The company's initial focus was to serve the needs of pregnant women, many of whom were experiencing back and pelvic pain that, while common, is unnecessary and often easily treated. To address the needs of ante-partum, bedridden women, High Pointe developed a program in conjunction with The Women's Hospital in which a High Pointe therapist offers mothers-to-be various tips on how to avoid blood clots, minimize pain, and reduce muscle atrophy by doing gentle exercises and proper positioning. OB/GYN therapists also assisted in the development of classes at The Women's Hospital in pregnancy exercise and postpartum relaxation and conditioning. High Pointe therapists are sensitive to the emotional and physical vulnerability of postpartum women, many of whom become discouraged and depressed if pelvic pain prevents them from returning to their normal lifestyles, including having sexual intercourse. Pelvic pain is just one example of a treatable problem that women are often too ashamed or embarrassed to discuss with their physicians. One of High Pointe's biggest goals is to educate and empower women to take charge of their helath, helping them regain a sense of wellbeing.

Offering treatment for women of all ages, High Pointe fills a niche in the Tri-State healthcare market, helping a previously underserved population make the journey back to wellness and make educated choises about their own health.